Marriott’s Tourism Video Marketing Get 1.5 mil Views – Skift

Marriott's Tourism Video Marketing

The new Two Bellmen Millennial Movie by Marriott Content Studio gets over 1.5 million views on YouTube in two weeks.

Source: Marriott’s Content Ambitions Grow With New Two Bellmen Movie – Skift

This is the second in a series of Marriott’s Tourism Video Marketing Campaign aimed at millennials – the first had 5.1 million views. It is a slick production with lots of action, on skateboards, horses and all sorts of automobiles and bikes, mostly outside the hotel. Its all about going the extra mile to help a guest who lost the flash card with their big presentation. What’s really cool is:

  1. It shows the destination with flashes of desert, sea, boating and scenery as well as the hotel.
  2. It is aimed at the upmarket millennial traveler, specking their language of high spirited activity.
  3. it high tech and highly professional using Hollywood actors and non of the cheese home grown video of many hotel videos.
  4. It hits a cord and gets views.

Its a brilliant example of  Video Marketing for tourism. According to Marriott, “the film is targeting the luxury traveler more than the last Bellmen, because it feels there’s a lack of quality content marketing in the luxury travel sector. Sponsors Tumi, Emirates, and Mercedes Benz are all portrayed in the film without deterring from it.”


Video Marketing Powering Tourism

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Tourism Video Marketing Tips

Video marketing is highly flexible and malleable. It can range from simple slideshow that communicate the point; to profession film production that communicate and entertains with authority and impact! Today smartphone video apps are now very sophisticated.

Your smartphone is a video editing studio, you can cut, zoom, splice, size, format, publish and share all withing the phone. See more about this with IGTV video created and published all from the iPhone.

Be Real

It is also important to remember that travelers love user generated content. They are looking for authenticity and real user experiences and true accounts. Highly polished Brand Marketing Videos are perfect in their own place. Just be sure to balance it with “on the spot shoots” and impromptu moments that are real and not always professionally finished or photo-shopped.


Video MultiMedia, MultiDevice, MultiChannel Marketing

This video was created several years before we had the advanced video mastering technology of today. However, it demonstrates the point well and is very relevant to tourism video marketing today! Animation tolls are far advanced and one can now shoot, edit and publish amazing video with a smartphone. Smartphone editing makes it possible to be very spontaneous and honest. You can shoot on the spot and capture real experiences as they happen.  Don’t be afraid of camera shakes and few a few bad cuts. It all adds to the experience of being real and authentic as apposed to corporate branding.



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