Message Personalization in Travel Hospitality – A Journey Not a Destination | Adobe

Travel and Hospitality Personalization Is Not a Destination, It’s a Journey | Adobe.


Logic suggests  that email, websites and mobile devices can and should deliver messages on one-on-one bases more about messaging strategies in the digital age >>>. However ,  research show that this is not being done and the messaging system of the internet and especially hotel and tourism websites is still in broadcast mode, communicating to all and to unknown traveler guests.

Mohammad Gaber of Adobe adds “Leveraging advanced data sources such as contextual and third- and second-party data enhance the quality of personalization. Large swaths of addressable digital/physical experiences remain impersonal.” and he says we need to rethink our messaging strategies in the digital and personal age.Start with understanding the data (as data forms the foundation for being able to personalize in the right way).”



How Message Personalization in Travel Hospitality Fail to Communicate

Our messaging system tend to overwhelm when they are not personal. In fact most tourism content suffers from being too much when less is actually far more effective. Gaber suggest “In general, first-party, opt-in data from your customer relationship management (CRM) system is the ideal starting point, especially in addressing known customers.”

He also points out personalization has been hampered by privacy concerns, especially with respect to using personal data. 2016 he says may be the year that all this changes as we move along the path of sharing and common rights to information. I find this interesting and look forward to finding out more on rights and issues with  respect to privacy concerns, intrusion and confidentiality.

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