Metasearch Websites: Opportunity or Threat?

Metasearch websites: opportunity or threat? | El blog de Mirai para hoteleros.

In this article the author, César López Business Development manger at Miria in Spain, says “Your website will sell increasingly less” This is apparent already as we see trend across media for travelers to look at many websites. While many like to do business directly with the hotel, there are many other options and often better prices and incentives on site that are not the hotels own website. César López syas however that “if you do not connect it to the meta-search websites” you will loose bookings. As he puts it: “If the three large platforms gain prominence for the final client and become decisive when diverting traffic to certain providers, it will be these providers who will benefit from it. If your website is not part of them, you lose the battle”.

The 3 platforms he is referring to are the new hotel metasearch options. Google (especially Hotel Finder), Tripadvisor and Trivago.

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