Millennials in 4 years will be 60% on our Business says Marriott

Bill Marriott: Where hotels are going and the new Millennials.

“In four years, 60% of our business will be millennials,” says Mr. Marriott, who adds with a laugh, “All of us old folks are moving on.”

Mr. Marriott says the company now pulls data focus, groups, research and from social media. As an Example, it asks guests for ideas of how to improve travel. “When one wrote back asking for healthy vending machines, the company flew her to London to find items in farmers’ markets that could be stored in a machine.” Now the Company will launch the first of its new nutritious vending machines—with items such as fresh fruit and energy bars—in Chicago this fall.

Bill Marriott, the 82-year-old chairman of Marriott International, syas we have to be cool: The $19 billion hotel-management company, is done with flowered drapes and white tablecloths. In place of fusty bedspreads and fluffy carpets, he wants most of his 200 new luxury and lifestyle hotel projects to be filled with sleek flat-screen TVs, hardwood floors and hopping bars.

Marriott will soon launch its new hotel chain, Moxy Hotels, aimed at the millennial generation (roughly ages 18 to 33). It will feature small, low-cost rooms with grab-and-go food and the feel of a Silicon Valley startup.

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