Mobile Apps Overtake Mobile Web

The latest mobile commerce report by Criteo shows  far more travel bookings are done on apps than the mobile web. This is a tipping point as it is the first time that Mobile Apps Overtake Mobile Web.

Travel purchases from a mobile  were 58%  For October to December and it is the first time apps have outperformed mobile web. Most of this is coming from OTAs and the retail sector which compare prices across multiple hotel and accommodation providers. Hotel apps are still not catching on, maily because an independent hotel cant show all possible hotel options, which is what a travel shopper is looking for.

Criteo also found that cross-device use was also up. “In the US, people who complete their purchase on a tablet are the most likely to have used multiple devices before clicking the “buy now” button.” In retail apps also convert better than desktop and mobile web for retailers, and have a higher value:


81% of US bookings were made via smartphone and for the first time that is also much more  than bookings made on tablets. Over 50% of flight bookings are via smartphones. 63%, of Package holiday are booked via tablets. Almost 33% of mobile bookings for OTAs are on from smartphones but for hotels suppliers only 11% are booking  smartphones.

For last-minute bookings made at OTAS 60% were made via smartphones in March while for hotels only 30% were via smartphone.
Click here to access Criteo’s holding page with links to the report as a Powerpoint slide or a booklet.


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