Mobile Gets Traffic, But Desktop Gets Bookings

Mobile Gets Traffic, But Desktop Gets Online Sales 01/07/2015.

Mobile Got Traffic, But Desktop Gets Online Sales

by Jack Loechner,

The rise of Mobile was no exception over the Christmas shopping period, but shoppers are still preferring the desktop for making a purchase. This article puts it into perspective with actual stats and insight on the trends and the channel.

“People are browsing and buying more on mobile… ” says Jay Henderson, director of IBM Smarter Commerce, “… but they’re browsing and buying even more on desktops… it’s easier to input personal information there… and there are product categories… often higher-priced items… that are easier to inspect on a larger screen…”

Traffic on desktop PCs were 43% of traffic on e-commerce sites during Xmas, but they accounted for 2/3 of online sales for the day. Average order values were $107.72 on desktop compared to $88.70 on mobile devices.

Mobile devices clocked 57.1% of online traffic to retail sites on Christmas Day, an increase of 18.6 percentage points from a year earlier, and 34.8% of sales, up 20.4 percentage points.

According to the IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark, reported by DMNNews, shoppers who have grown more comfortable with shopping and buying on mobile devices powered an increase of more than 8% in online sales this Christmas Day. Mobile purchases alone rose 20% and accounted for 35% of total sales.

Interestingly Apple IOS is taking the bulk of the mobile eCommerce with 27% of online sales, approx. 4 times that of Android (under 8%). The reason may be that it is easier for people to navigate and buy on iOS.

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