Motel 6 bets on Google Wallet for Online Payment

Motel 6 bets on Google Wallet as a recruitment and rewards strategy – Mobile Commerce Daily – Payments.

“I would really look at what makes Google Wallet, and mobile wallets in general, different than traditional payment methods,” said Alex Campbell, co-founder and chief innovation officer, Vibes, a chicago-based mobile marketing technology company.

Google Wallet securely provides a fast and easy way for people to book a reservation. Travelers can complete their reservation using the “Buy with Google” button. For first time guests information is saved securely and is available for all future payments.

In this way it works like and other ota services but instead of setting up online merchant accounts, hotels can just use a service like Google Wallet or wotk with an interface system like Motel 6.

“Mobile phones are so important to customers that anytime a customer uses his or her phone it’s a great opportunity to interact with them on a personal level,” he said

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