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The in-post Facebook ads that I talk about in our post on Anonymous in the social age, is a worrying new trend. I am going to have more to say on this but for now here is the video i just did to express my outrage. No news from Facebook yet!

See it on YouTube at

Here is the Press release

That video features Prince EA on how social media is already anti social, with too many iPhone and iPads all about “I” and selfish “me, me, me” rather that “we” and ‘us”. He notes how touch pads and touch screens are keeping us out of touch with each other. Add to that this latest trend when social sharing networks start putting paid ads into users posts. That is as anti-social as it gets.

But it gets worse, not only did we not know they were advertising big companies in our post, but the big companies never know is is us either. Facebook (in this case) gets all the credit and our role in creating great post that sell is unknown. That makes us anonymous in the social age – another anti social behaviour of the platforms designed around the noble concept of sharing. That’s why i created a new video that takes the first argument to a deeper level and looks at where social advertising might be heading. It looks at the trade-off on what we giving up to help create these new monster social platforms for advertising using our own content. Is it a fair exchange – I think NOT!

What they are doing is illegal in commerce, but perhaps we have signed away our rights. Anyone know the answer to that?


Most of the time people never get this far, they seldom arrive at the end of a page like this. So congratulations if you are here. Anybody who has got this far has the information and facts on in-post ads now take a look at some other Rants.

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