Hotels Tourism Instagram Marketing Tutorials

powergram | showroom |authority | passion | shoutoutpages | instainfluencers | promos | IGTV & Stories Instagram is hot property for tourism  today.This series of Hotels Tourism Instagram Marketing Tutorials will provide a brief video (under 30 seconds) to overview the benefits of Instagram with respect to its major features. The description and notes... read more

Digital Media BookBuyers Bonus Membership Launched

Anyone who buys any of the Books in the Digital Media Series “Marketing Hotels and Tourism” will have access to a wealth of information and resources to help them succeed in the digital age. Free Membership  – a Digital Media BookBuyers Bonus The Bonuses include Membership to a network of resources to help market... read more

Digital Media Chapter 4 Bonus – Spreading the Word

Consequently, Chapter 4 Digital Media Review and Bonus is now live here >> Chapter 4 Review and Bonus The new page summarises Chapter 4 and provides more details on social media. The bonus, normally restricted to members and book buyers, is now available to anyone who cares to read it. It includes 7 tips... read more

How Small Travel Brands Personalize Vacations | PhocusWire

Source: How smaller travel brands can ride the personalization wave | PhocusWire   In this article Phocuswire does away with all the excuses small hotels and tourism operators face when trying to market in digital media. There are many obstacles, not least of which is the predominance of huge players that dominate the landscape.... read more

Europe’s Copyright Law Will Kill Curation

;’ Europe’s New Copyright Law Will Spook Startups Source: Europe’s New Copyright Law Will Spook Startups The European Union’s GDPR legislation, has had major impact on business as usual in Europe: Many websites have just blocked users as the implication og GDPR could be critical. Instapaper refused to serve even existing users as the... read more

Will Instagram let us shop for travel? | WTM Insights

Source: Will Instagram let us shop for travel? | WTM Insights Instagram Checkout, lets you buy products and services as you browse photo and videos on the instagram, without having to go to another website. It now just for products suach as fashion, make-up and sporting goods. Its aimed at Brands such as Michael... read more

Personalization’s Impact on Hotels – Insights from PhocusWire Webinar

Source: VIDEO: Personalization and its impact on hotels – past, present and future | PhocusWire Kevin May hosted a panel of industry leaders to discuss what personalization for hotels and hospitality is in the current Digital Media. The panel included Charlie Osmond of Triptease, Nancy Rademaker of Nexxworks, Antonio Figueiredo of Salesforce and Gary... read more

Facebook Makes Ad Reporting More Relevant

Source: Facebook Is Sunsetting Ad Relevance Source in Favor of These Metrics Digging For Detail Facebook’s relevance score is  global summary of all positive feedback (i.e., clicks, app installs, video views), and negative feedback (i.e., someone clicking “I don’t want to see this”). Many factors are analyzed and summed up in one single “ad... read more
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AccorHotels Travellers Search Hotels by Mood

AccorHotels Travellers Search Hotels by Mood

AccorHotels Gets Personal Tnooz just reported that the startup Travelsify has been selected by AccorHotels to add mood matching to its hotel search and trip planning. It is a sign of the times, where hospitality suppliers have started to recognize that Travel is all about the experience and that the product has more to...
Fascinating Travelers with PersonaHolidays

Fascinating Travelers with PersonaHolidays

In Fascinating Travelers with PersonaHolidays we examine How to Fascinate Travelers. The article looks at how PersonaHolidays uses the Sally Hogshead’s Fascination Advantage® and learn how it applies to personality matching in hospitality and destination marketing. Your Difference is Your Strongest Asset Sally Hogshead of tells it like it is when she  says...

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