TravelWeekly Features Personality Hotel Matching App for Destination Marketing

Breaking News – Travel Weekly features new Personality Hotel Matching App as new driver for Destination Marketing Organizations. The app was first installed on the Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia a Destination Marketing Organization providing extensive information on the island with its full service travel planning and booking site The new personality matching app pairs travelers up with hotels based on personality.

See app in action at

Benefits of Persona Holidays App

The app is for Hotel Groups, Associations, Chains and Destination Marketing Organizations

  •  The app creates travel personas by tracking travelers search behavior and predicts their persona and preferences. It is easy and fun to use.
    Travellers enjoy the process and many comments have been received saying how accurate it is.
  • Search results are very targeted and travellers get personal recommendation.
    The app vastly reduces the clutter and overload, which is one of their biggest complaints with travel booking.
  • Destination marketers can install the app on top of any booking engine or travel planning system they may have.
    This means they do not have to invest in expensive technology or replace or re-engineer existing systems.

Here is the Travel Weekly Feature

Investment Opportunity & Partnership

PersonaHolidays has completed extensive testing of the app on the Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia Marketing Site. It has shown significant improvement in engagement and bookings conversion. Work is still proceeding on split testing the sales funnel and perfect closure. The company has interest from several travel marketing organization and it planning to license the technology to other destination shortly. Partners and investors may contact us at http://Personaholidays/persona-holidays/#contact


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