Pinterest Is Changing The Way We Blog – ReadWrite

Pinterest Is Changing The Way We Blog – ReadWrite.

Printerest may not have invented visual marketing, but it has perfected and shown that it works. Printerest users stay longer and do more according to the stats, the tend to link of to image provider sites at a greater rate that even Google.

In that regard it is similar to visual tourism marketing which engages with travellers at 5 times the normal rate and where guest click of to hotel sites at twice the rate when compared to
traditional booking systems – See Video On Visual Tourism Marketing Technology Here >>>

Pinterests is taking visual SEO now to a new level with its acquisitions of sites like like Punchfork, and another company called Visual Graph. These offer technology that identifies objects within images, allowing Pinterest search to become less dependent on text. That doesn’t mean that SEO words will go away, just that people will optimize their visual content to show up on top of Pinterest.

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