Re-imagining Advertising – ReBrief YouTube

▶ Project Re: Brief: A Film About Re-imagining Advertising – YouTube.

This video says it all.. You may have seen it already as it dates back to 2012 but it is totally relevant to today. Technology is making it possible to interact with markets in a way hardly imagined. In this video the most famous script writers and advertising gurus all well into senior age sit at the table with Google’s brightest minds and technology experts to bring to life the best in creative genius. Like; “I Want to give the world a Coke” – And now You can! Just watch it it is very inspirational and all to do with the new move to NATIVE advertising and the new brand culture taking the initiative away from the traditional media.

In this project “Google partnered with five of the brightest “old-school” legends from advertising to re-imagine their most iconic creative work from a half-century ago for the modern web, for 4 global brands – Coca-Cola, Volvo, Alka-Seltzer, Avis.”

You will meet and enjoy Harvey Gabor (Coke music ads fame), Jan Jacobs, Howie Cohen, Bob Pasqualina, Amile Garano, Paula Green and many more!

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