Research Reveals Surprising News on Social Influencers

Latest Research on Social Media May Shock you!

Jeff Bullas has compiled a pile of amazing stats on what works in digital media. The research reveals surprising news on who are the social influencers. Shocking news really, and most of it very counter-intuitive.

He credits Technorati Media for some of these insights but his work reaches out to all social sites and blogs showing which have most influence on buying behaviors. Some of it is surprising; like Google only influences about 20% of purchases!

breakdown of digital influences

breakdown of digital influences

Did you know that consumers consider blogs as a prime influencer, right behind retail and brand websites? You could be forgiven for not knowing this, most brands don’t understand it either and spend very little on blogging channels. Social media is top of mind with everyone, but it accounts for just 10% of all digital advertising.

The top 3 include:

Display ads such as banner website advertising – 41%
Search advertising such as Google Adwords – 19%
Video advertising including YouTube – 14%

Total advertising spend on social media is just 10% of all digital ads and Facebook accounts for 57% of that. Blogs got only 5% of the entire social advertising budget.

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