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Royal Caribbean International’s latest brand campaign is aimed at urging millennials to consider cruising. The company’s new “Come Seek” campaign

“Maturing millennials in their late 20s and early 30s are looking for great experiences they can brag about on social media,” said Berra. “We want to give a preview of what you can look forward to posting on Facebook or Instagram.” Royal Caribbean is hoping to tap into this marketing using Periscope. it will experiment with live streaming video by broadcasting Periscope video from its ships to more than 200 digital billboards around New York City. It will bring social media influences from Instagram and Periscope onboard its new Anthem of the Seas vessel and have them create content on itineraries sailing to Martinique, San Juan and Barbados.

Millennials want authentic and different experiences and RC think Periscope will add just that “The most authentic thing we can do is to show live, and in real-time, what people are able to do on vacation,” said Berra. Royal Caribbean expects to reach five million commuters each day with the digital billboards, which will showcase 20 to 25 minutes of video from sailings each day.

A recent study by Choice Hotels and the Centre For Generational Kinetics shows several distinctive characteristics of the Millennials. They prefer images and visuals over text. and 59% use online ratings and reviews to select a hotel.

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Royal Caribbean is on target using video and dynamic visual billboards, according to these findings If the campaign of “Using Periscope to Sell Millennials” is a success, it is expected that Royal Caribbean will roll out similar promotions simultaneously in several markets.

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