Semantic Search Tips to Help Travellers Find You

ehotelier – semantic search tips to help customers find you.

Just a year ago SEO consisted of back links (from anyone anywhere), on-page optimization, careful domain name selection, hosting location and linking. The old rules led to SEO agents building artificial links and using low quality content with keywords, mostly all based on desktop search.

Today it has all changed, except that in travel industry and hotel marketing strategies are not ‘getting it’ yet says Bronwyn White of eHotelier. They should.

Bronwyn spoke to David Amerland, author of “Google Semantic Search” who told her. “Nowhere is reputation more important perhaps than in the hospitality industry. Thanks to the widespread prevalence of reviewing systems such as TripAdvisor and Yelp and the use of social media to share experiences, the hotel industry can finally begin to win attention and market share by doing what it does best: focus on providing great service and the best end-user experience possible.”

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