How to Engage More Travelers on Facebook

Tips on How to Engage Travelers on Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC].

This info-graphic by Ampush advertising offers some facts on how that time is spent on Facebook, along with some insights of how hotel and tourism suppliers can engage more travel fans and where it is heading.

Travel is the Top Shared Topic on Facebook

50% of digital budgets will move to mobile by 2017.
18% of time spent on mobile is spent on Facebook app.
Wednesday and Thursday the best days to advertise for
the weekend travel days.

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How Travel Advertisers can Get Results from Social Media Marketing

How travel advertisers can crack the code of social media marketing.

A recent PhoCusWright study found that “90% of travelers are active on social networks: 73% log on daily and 53% use their networks to look for deals (22% travel-related). And they post about their travels, more often while on the road (31%) than when back home (27%).”

BUT social media sites account for less than 4% of inbound traffic to travel websites.

This article looks at ways that Tourism suppliers can increase use of Facebook and twitter to build their brands and get more direct bookings

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Travel Is Facebook’s Most Popular Subject, Why Are Hotel & Tourism Co’s Not using?

Travel Is Facebook’s Most Popular Subject, So Why Isn’t The Industry Taking Advantage? – AllFacebook.

As one of the comments point “People use Facebook to socialize. They don’t use Facebook to research where to go.”

Its changing by the way. When we launched the first booking engine for small independent hotels on Facebook (, it got lots of lookers but hardly a booker. Today hotels who make the investment in posting,  engaging and growing their fan base are getting results.









How Facebook Plans To Take Over The Internet – ReadWrite

How Facebook Plans To Take Over The Internet – ReadWrite.

So here is the answer to the question why Facebook bought Whataps and what it will do with it..

As this article points out “In developing countries like those is targeting, many people rely on SMS communications due to a lack of data services. WhatsApp is already popular in many emerging markets, including those in South America and Asia where Facebook’s growth was stagnating.”

The articl;e also offer a good rational for why WhatApps sold and some insights into FB plans for rolling out internet access to the emerging markets that cant afford it.

“Connecting the world” is Facebook’s vision—one that can’t be achieved without the support of other organizations, including the six telecom companies it partnered with for the initiative.”

The fact is that 2G and 3G data networks are already available in many underdeveloped countries byt “people just don’t understand the value of the Internet yet.”

Will FB change that? What do you think?

The Future of Social Media Marketing on Facebook

The Future of Social Media Marketing on Facebook.

Facebook has advised that page’s are are getting less hits! This has been a consistent trend: Fewer hits, less likes and lower engagement. So where does that leave us in marketing on Facebook?

As they say: “The best way to continue to obtain impressions is to “buy ads”. “We expect organic distribution of an individual page’s posts to gradually decline over time as we continually work to make sure people have a meaningful experience on the site.”

It is clear that unless a major changes are made, companies will invest less and less time into Facebook as the return on investment falls. This is especially true at hotels where pages, as an industry, have the smallest conversion rates.

If travellers are not going to pages, all the investment in bookings and reservation widgets on Facebook will also have less impact.