Marriott’s Tourism Video Marketing Get 1.5 mil Views – Skift

Marriott’s Tourism Video Marketing Get 1.5 mil Views – Skift

The new Two Bellmen Millennial Movie by Marriott Content Studio gets over 1.5 million views on YouTube in two weeks. Source: Marriott’s Content Ambitions Grow With New Two Bellmen Movie – Skift This is the second in a series of Marriott’s Tourism Video Marketing Campaign aimed at millennials – the first had 5.1 million views. […]

Millennials in 4 years will be 60% on our Business says Marriott

Bill Marriott: Where hotels are going and the new Millennials. “In four years, 60% of our business will be millennials,” says Mr. Marriott, who adds with a laugh, “All of us old folks are moving on.” Mr. Marriott says the company now pulls data focus, groups, research and from social media. As an Example, it […]

Mobile Flash Perks – New Rage at Marriott

Marriott to locate guests via mobile and offer deals. Through FlashPerks, members can redeem points or use cash for limited-time, exclusive deals. The campaign is aimed at tech-savvy Millennial traveler. Marriott Hotels started the “Travel Brilliantly” marketing campaign specifically for Millennials, those generally born in the 1980s to the early 2000s. Guests have to download […]