web browsing preferred over apps for reading news

This article is not specifically related to Hotels and Tourism but what consumers do on one channel is an indication of behavior that might well apply to hospitality.

First fact that needs verification on our sector is that Search and Facebook referred visitors to a news site is less engaged than a direct visitor (study from Pew Research Center).  And that is true over all sorts of news outlets.

Second big stat is that readers continue to favor Web browsing over apps when it comes to news. Now I believe that this is true for travel shoppers but the facts are skewed by OTAs which consolidate info and in this case shoppers like apps it seems over mobile browsing. They will download an app from booking.com etc but they are not going to download an app for every hotel they consider.

News sites on the other hand dont offer great features with apps and only 13 of the 26 news outlets studied had a mobile app.

Even though the apps of  the top five publications were among the top 20 most-downloaded news apps in both Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store, the publications saw at least two times the audience visiting on mobile browsers.  ABC News saw over 12 times more visitors via mobile Web browser:

Still mobile is significant and growing. The Wall Street Journal, which was not a part of the study, sees about 37 percent of its traffic come from mobile, according SocialTimes. Mashable, also not part of the study, sees about 45 percent of its traffic coming from mobile. “I could see us getting to the point of 60 to 70 percent, and we would have to deliver mobile first,” Mashable’s executive editor Jim Roberts said.For more on the report, including the full list of publications in the study, head to SocialTimes.


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