Fighting hotel commoditisation in a digital age

Fighting hotel commoditisation in a digital age.

88% of people in the UK will have mobile internet access by 2017. Mobile hotel bookings are now overtaking ‘traditional’ web-based booking,

In This article the case is made that Travel is driving technological change as travelers expect seamless connectivity to content and services and they want it across all platforms. It is also a fact that the tourism product is in jeopardy of being commoditised by heavy reliance on OTAs. The articles points out ways to adjust the marketing mix and profit from changes taking place right now!

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Travelers Seek Value with MetaSearch & New Technology

via American Travelers Seeking Value and Good Deals, Survey Finds | TravelPulse.

Kayak and other similar Comparison travel shopping sites are now used by 28 percent of travelers, up from 15 percent in 2010. 58 percent of leisure travelers use an Online Travel Agent (OTA) such as Expedia in travel planning, that a drop of 8% from 2010.

The slide in OTAs percentage of the market continues to fall as travelers have more options and new technology starts to make in roads in the traditional pre-html5 software systems.

For a look at what is happening in tourism bookings technology and #travelshopping see – the latest innovation that puts the traveller in control with instant images and detail info at a click of a buttom.

Was hotel marketing always this complicated?

Was hotel marketing always this complicated? Part Three of Three – The marketer reinvented – Tnooz.

This is a 3 part article written in April 2013. It highly relevant. This link is to part 3, all part are worth reading but if you are like me and want to get to what it all means to us now – this is the part to read. part 2=1 cover he history and background with some horror tales on OTAs power and privileged over unsuspecting and somewhat naive hotel marketers. We have come a long way, and still more to go.

Its the situations revealed in articles like this that brought forth our website: Committed to helping hotels, hospitality and tourism marketers.

Are you a hotel marketing dinosaur?

Are you a hotel marketing dinosaur?

Are you a hotel marketing dinosaur? | By Dave Spector.

Dave Spector suggest that many “hotel marketers are still stuck in the past when it comes to marketing… using the same old undifferentiated techniques year after year. By failing to evolve, these hotel marketing “dinosaurs” are endangering their property owner’s investments and their own livelihoods.”





Flip the OTAs, Harness your Bookings database and be Social..

“Marketing should be memorable, likeable, persuasive and truthful. Your marketing messages should showcase compelling photography and always, always offer a meaningful CTA (call to action) that leads to a frictionless direct booking experience (phone and/or web).



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Hotel marketers just not with it | By Dave Spector.