How Hotels use Big Data to Drive Direct Bookings

How Hotels use Big Data to Drive Direct Bookings

As businesses of all types try to provide more personalized experiences for customers, they are drawn to what we call Big Data. Big Data is the entire collection of information about your guests and your target market. It can be used to find out more about customer preferences, buying habits and markets. It can also […]

How to Personalize Travel Websites for Independent Travel Brands

How to personalize travel websites for independent travel brands. Travel brands are challenged to deliver customized experiences across demographics. This article present several technologies that help to deliver a customer-specific experience. Strategies discussed include re-targeting and ancillary marketing based on the booking information such as room category, number of people, dates, etc. Travel brands can […]

How to use Behavioral Differences & Personalisation to Boost Bookings

Understanding Behavioral Differences in Tourism And Travel Shopping can boost Bookings. You will need to register and down load this report but it is well worth registering for it. The report examines behavioral differences between leading retail and travel companies. Conversion rates and purchase cycles vary greatly between the travel and retail sectors and the […]

Online Travel Agents Quest for Personalisation

Online travel agents and the growing quest for personalization. Tnooze says “Despite it being universally accepted that customers are looking for a personalized offer, very few booking engines yet ask different or more specific questions”. Well that’s not the way to do personalization, it’s not necessary to interrogate visitors to your site. Hey guys! this […]