How news sites are boosting ‘stickiness’ with personalisation

How news sites are boosting ‘stickiness’ with personalisation

How news sites are boosting ‘stickiness’ with personalisation | Media news |

Today we are inundated with a wealth of information in every form but particularly so in the online media. As a result, “demand for relevance in content is increasing”, digital strategist Nic Newman told “People feel overwhelmed so they really feel they need tools to help filter out the noise,” Newman said, adding that today “personalization is easier to do, cheaper to scale and deliver”.

Personalization, may be as simple as taking into account where the reader is and offering them news and services based on that location. A persons browsing footprint is another way information is being personalization, and that is one that Google has been perfecting for some time. Just as it has done with with a searchers social network, pulling relevant reviews and comments from fans and friends of fans. Deeper trends include offering personal pages for followers including personalized mobile or tablet apps, and in some cases a or completely personalized social reader.

In Travel we see new travel planning tools like dynamic packaging systems which analyses the traveler from their choices and matches them up with properties that have similar traits.

And more recently with dynamic bookings and planning based on personalizing the content on the fly and rendering it in highly intuitive and visual format, immediately. These systems are based on users own interaction with immediate visual results, responding to every nuance in preferences.

Its all getting pretty complex and philosophical, see more on how personalization is hitting journalism.
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