6 Travel Guide Apps to Plan Your Trip – ReadWrite

6 Travel Guide Apps To Help Plan Your Next Trip – ReadWrite.

They did not specifically mention Visual Bookings Apps as seen on http://Barbados.org/visualbookings/. But they will in the future! Visual is the where travel is heading.
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What is mention in the article of the top travel guid apps is Afra, Minube, Viator, TripAdvisor, GogoBot, Triposo. All are Visual but not really using it as in the VisualMarketingTechnology.com

Metasearch Websites: Opportunity or Threat?

Metasearch websites: opportunity or threat? | El blog de Mirai para hoteleros.

In this article the author, César López Business Development manger at Miria in Spain, says “Your website will sell increasingly less” This is apparent already as we see trend across media for travelers to look at many websites. While many like to do business directly with the hotel, there are many other options and often better prices and incentives on site that are not the hotels own website. César López syas however that “if you do not connect it to the meta-search websites” you will loose bookings. As he puts it: “If the three large platforms gain prominence for the final client and become decisive when diverting traffic to certain providers, it will be these providers who will benefit from it. If your website is not part of them, you lose the battle”.

The 3 platforms he is referring to are the new hotel metasearch options. Google (especially Hotel Finder), Tripadvisor and Trivago.

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How TripAdvisor Wants to Own the Travel Cycle

TripAdvisor Roadmap: How it Wants to Own the Travel Cycle – Skift.

According to Kaufer Stephen TripAdvisor CEO TA is only serving about 10% or 11% of travelers who are online monthly so that is 90% who aren’t visiting TripAdvisor. TA has a lot of room to grow!
Smartphones a major grown area.

“When you think of how smartphones are changing the way we do things, it’s that device, it’s that computer in your pocket, it’s that map in your pocket, and we think it [TripAdvisor] will be the personal travel assistant in your pocket in part for planning, but very much so in-market,” Kaufer says.

TripAdvisor Connect gives small hotels a bookings edge

WIT – WEB IN TRAVEL : TripAdvisor Connect gives small hotels the edge, makes it “credible alternative” to OTAs.

Its a great idea for small hotels; now with TripAdvisor (TA) connect hotels can have their own booking engine pop-up when travellers click the book now button of TA. But the process of getting your booking engine approved is bogged down with over 200 internet booking engines from 48 countries all trying t get approved.

But is it worth the effort. Its an online application and often nothing seems to happening. Morris Sim, of Circos Brand Karma, said, “With TripAdvisor Connect, independent hoteliers now have a low-cost method to shift customer online bookings from OTAs to their own booking engine. This makes TripAdvisor a credible alternative channel to OTAs. Because TripAdvisor has an extraordinary amount of user-generated content and is a must-visit resource for travelers researching where to go, if a hotel has a good reputation, its booking engine now has a fair chance to earn its share of the wallet.”