Are Review Sites Really Working!

Are Review sites Really Working? – PDF.

This PDF by Maritz Research Suggest Its Time to Rethink Marketing on Dedicated Review Sites!

Many hotel and tourism marketers think review sites are a big part of travel research early on in the trip planning stats. But recent stats suggest that not a great percentage use them and those that do use them later on in the buying cycle to confirm decision made in earlier travel shopping.
The reports says that

“While still important, we may be seeing the beginning of a change in the importance of dedicated customer review sites”

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Reviews in the #TravelShopping Experience

Tips on Optimizing Your TripAdvisor Pages

Quick Guide to Optimizing Your TripAdvisor Business Profile.

Its no secret that TripAdvisor is one of the most powerful Marketing Forces in Travel. TA says that 91% of Travellers are influenced by reviews. it has that part of the market buttoned down. Mow it is moving into the online bookings space and opened up to helping hotels with direct booking by inviting all to get connected. Hotels with their own booking engine can bypass the Online Travel Agents (OTA) bookings by getting their own booking engine connected with TA.

Typically the Hotel Booking Engine suppliers do not charge the high commissions that OTAs do. So if you are using a 3rd party bookings solution check with yr supplier and encourage them to apply for the TA connect. offers a low commission cost on direct bookings if you are using their system on your own website. Typically its around 5%. Their are other services ranging from a couple of hundred dollars a year.

Chris Campbells’ Quick Guide to TripAdvisor For hotel Pages Is a great resource on how to use TA for Hotel Marketing. He offers 9 tips in all and notes that TripAdvisor has partnerships with industry sites like Expedia, Agoda,, GetYourGuide, and OpenTable. As many OTAs are also reaching out to Hotels with direct bookings services like check with your OTAs if you don’t have a website service. Also check for other special hospitality suppliers like It will take time for all to get connected but its happening

See Chris article for more on:

-Write detailed descriptions.
-Keep your info up-to-date.
-Add keyword-rich text.
-Upload photos.
-Change your primary listing photo regularly.
-Establish best practices for managing online reviews.
-Make your page more social.
-Show off your honors.

One other Addition. Upload your videos. It creates good traction and is an authority media that TA likes a lot. Its good to be liked by TA, as you know.

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