5 Words That Can Create your Hotel Brand

5 words to describe your hotel.

I like the ideas in this article, and i especially like the concept of giving your hotel a personality. Its a concept that is far from new, but little practiced. It was around from the days of RealHolidays.com dynamic packaging system, which classified hotel on personality traits and matched them up with travel Shoppers who has similar character.

In most cases hotel owners describe their property in terms such as the best place to stay in xyz. Or beach View, they may say family, romantic etc.. But that is not personality. Nor are superlatives like amazing and wonderful. But words like edgy, trendy, young at heart, joyful, adventurous, energetic or conservative and traditional are.

The Realholidays Travel experience matches properties and travellers on several categories:

1. WHO DO YOU ADMIRE: dynamic,vibrant educated,wise,savvy established,affluent sensible,practical subtle,refined welcoming,friendly

2. WHO DO YOU CONNECT WITH: adventurous,active charming fun-loving gentle,quiet professional,tailored serene,soulful

3. WHAT IS THE DECOR: comfortable,homey cute,feminine elegant,sophisticated handsome,masculine rustic stylish traditional unique,colorful

4. WHAT INTERESTS DO YOU CATER To: creative,artistic esthetic,spiritual family-oriented healthy,sporty romantic,dreamy

5. HOW ARE YOU PERCEIVED: casual,relaxed cool,hip natural,unpretentious nostalgic,sentimental worldly,sensual young-at-heart,whimsical

So select a word from each of these 5 personality traits and play around with them a bit. Its not an exact science but its a start to being different and carving out a brand that is out of the ordinary.

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