The Death of Features & Benefits: How to Seduce Travellers to Book! – Enchanting Marketing

A Simple Trick to Turn Features Into Benefits (and Seduce travelers to Book!) – Enchanting Marketing.

It is just too easy to get confused with features and benefits in Tourism. Before you list anything ask the question “So What”. Like “It is Right on the Beach”… So What.? Maybe its several reasons that might matter differently to different people. It will soon be clear¬† why some say we are seeing the Death of Features & Benefits

You need to know your client. So for the guy who works at the stock broker in New York, being right on the beach is great as he wants to fall into the water and soak away the stress. The Hot Button is “Soak Away the Stress”,¬† and being on the beach makes that a real possibility, but you have to ask the question so what you are on the beach, well for the NY stressed out stock broker, it so he can jump into the dazzling clear Caribbean waters and “soak away the stress”. Selling travel is all about selling the vision and the dream. Features and Benefits are for the text book not the imagination, They alone do not tell stories.

To the Young guy or gal working on heath and staying trim, walking the beach and swimming exercise is a benefit they will relate to.

For sun tanners, just on the beach means you can fall into that deck chair or soft white sand and lap up the energizing body-beautiful rays anytime you want, with no preparations other than your tanning oils.

For families, it is a time to be together to build that better sand castle and frolic in the water with the whole family together, enjoying the bliss of a care free fun holiday in a tropical island.

Ok – you get what I mean! So read on, you can download their free book on how to get ideas on “Benefits that Matter”.

A Simple Trick to Turn Features Into Benefits (and Seduce Readers to Buy!)

And don’t forget – the new mojo is Visual Marketing – So dream on and put your imagination into a photo on your site – it will make the world of difference..

If you have lost of target markets – then you have lost of possible blogs and pages to promote!


AND… More on Hot Buttons click on the image below:

Hot Button in your brain

Hot Button in your brain

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