The Evolution of Hospitality Technology

Upping the Ante: The Evolution of Hospitality Technology In 2015, by Bernard Ellis.

This artice is timely, as we see marketing becoming more automated with each new piece of software that helps you post to blogs and announce your news to the Press and to your social network.

2015 promises to be an important year for hotel and tourism companies to implement the latest technology to automate, minimize costs, increase efficiency and gain better market positioning.

As Bernard Ellis, Vice President of Industry Strategy, Infor Hospitality says: “Hoteliers should closely examine how the technologies outlined here can be implemented in the back office to help boost productivity and enable faster, better informed decision-making. Those who remain on the technological forefront will be poised for the greatest success as we enter the new year.”

For example Bernard points out that 33 percent of hotel are already using cloud-based applications for property and revenue management. Property management system will move to the cloud for “cost savings, enhanced guest services, increased revenue, and improved operational efficiency.”

The evolution of hospitality business is  authomation

The evolution of hospitality business is authomation

Ellis also notes that hoteliers are recognizing the need to improve Human Resources management and Training and says that “A movement has begun to shift from out-of-date HR practices to HR of the future, which is grounded in automation and analytics-based decision-making.”

The article hits home on this important point that automation is the key to the future. Things move to quickly now to rely on out dated manual practices and we are are now firmly in the world of sytemized marketing and process. Its odd as hoteliers are very much “hands on managers” who, on the whole, are not interested in learning about systems and process.

According to Ellis they time to start is now.


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