The Impact Of Social Media In Travel Marketing- Forbes

 The Impact Of Social Media In The Travel Marketing Industry – Forbes

Now this follows up on the last two articles about why travel suppliers are missing out on social and what to do about it. This article by FORBES gives examples of winning strategies, like Four Seasons Hotel’s MaximeTakesManhatton”.es

They conclude: “It’s not just a question of establishing a Twitter feed or a Facebook page: social channels thrive on immediacy, engagement and authentic responses, so brands need to be prepared to manage the additional pressure that social places on key resources,”.

“By building the right balance between agency support and internal resources to provide the “real” voice of the brand in its interactions with consumers, brands will go a long way towards getting social right. Which leads to the second potential downfall: embracing too many channels all at once. It’s better to be visible and highly engaged in fewer channels and fully understand both the resources needed and the level of engagement that those channels engender, rather than trying to be in all channels at once.”

Those are powerful ideas. The last needs a bit of modification in my mind. With our Visual Marketing Technology we focus on getting the word out to all high impact channels. Yes we do concentrate on a few where we work to build social engagement using manual post and replies as well as technology such as our social index engine. In this framework publishing to the network is really a support of the engagement and visual communication in key channels.

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