The Visual Marketing Sales Funnel – Marketing in the Digital Age

Description of the Visual Marketing Sales Funnel


In the age of BiG -Data and automation much of the marketing must be systematized and automated. In this diagram we provide key concepts under each sector of the funnel pyramid along with the tools needed at that stage.

1. Plan

Today Marketing must be a cohesive tailored system. The system dictates the content and the sequence that your prospects go through. It should define what criteria your prospects should look for in your product and lead them to buy from you and not your competitors.

Build the content based on the messaging strategy.

2. Reach – Publishing: Video, blogs, articles, SEO, social networks

2a. (Buyers) Exploration
Establish prospects triggers and messages based on what criteria prospects
should look for in a destination. Establish and Promote destination USPs.
2b. Tools
Psychological triggers
Systematized marketing
Lead magnet (consumer style reports)

3. Action – Your Site and social network, community and tools

3a. (Buyers) Decision Making
Create an interactive experience with personalized product offerings to each customer.
Encourage customers to share with social connections, expanding your reach. Build a buyers
database for extra conversion opportunities and filter serious customers from casual lookers.
3b. Tools
Tracking and artificial intelligence
Social buttons & planning tools
Interactive, visual displays
Specialized reports (lead magnets)
Client reviews
Tripwires (chargeable reports)

4. Convert – e-commerce, product, price and promotions

4a. (Buyers) Purchase
Encourage shoppers to use the booking engine to get quotes and find specials.
Make all page a buying filter. create opportunities to ask question and get
answers. Follow up
4b. Tools
Interactive systems
Intelligent auto-responders
automated systems

5. Engage – Advocacy

5a. (Buyers) Advocacy
Encourage & participate in social sharing, reward referrals, have a continuity
5c. Tools
Social buttons
Loyalty programs
Encourage TripAdvisor reviews


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