This Is the Future of Japanese Train Travel, and It’s Awesome – ABC News

This Is the Future of Japanese Train Travel, and It's Awesome – ABC News.

When most of the western world are cutting back on train travel, its not so everywhere. This article exposes Japans plans for Train Cruises, the most exotic and exclusive train travel on the planet.

JR East Japan Railway has, in collaboration with Ferrari designer Ken Okuyama, unveiled blueprints for the so-called Cruise Train. The luxury liner would cost more than $50 million and could debut in spring of 2017.

The design could bring not only luxury, but exclusivity, to train travel. Instead of packing passengers in, the train would carry just 34 passengers in 10 carriages. Two of those would be glass-enclosed observation cars so passengers could take in the scenery en route to their destination. The concept was a “train to enjoy the change of time and space,” according to Okuyama’s website.

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