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Tips to Create Convenient Hotel Guest Experiences

Source: How hotels can create a more convenient customer experience | Econsultancy

In  Tips to Create Convenient Hotel Guest Experiences Anton Schubert has provided a good round up of where hotels fail guests, like the line up to check out and the array of light switches that don’t make sense to anyone but the electrician.

How to Make your hotel More Convenient for Guests

He has some pointers on what to do to make the stay better. They include  gadgets like the multipurpose devices on the bedside tables that is a clock, electrical outlets and USB charger. As he says “If all hotels just did this one thing, it would make me stay with them again and again.”

Many hotels, he says, are now leveraging mobile to aid guests in check in, check-out and access guests services.  “Being able to skip the check-in and out queues without ever talking to another person is a very welcome development”  and “it also alleviates a considerable amount of work from front desk staff allowing them to focus on more valuable face-to-face interactions.”

Check out his insightful article of Tips to Create Convenient Hotel Guest Experiences

I also like the Skiff article by Colin Nagy who says ”

“Most hotel arrivals are dreadfully mundane, even at high-end hotels.”

If you don’t have to wait in line to checkin  its great. However, too often you get shown to your room and are given “a rudimentary run through of the hopelessly complicated commands to open the blinds.”

His point is that common courtesy and common sense is needed. It is a simple fix that every hotelier can and must insist on.




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