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As developers of PersonaHolidays we are delighted to see Tony Robins Persona Marketing Blog on Lead Generation where he says “Reference your user personas to figure out exactly who your ideal client is, then allow your marketing and sales teams to come up with strategic ways that you can target them. Remember, someone who fills out a form once may not necessarily be someone who has any intention on further engagement with your company. And if you don’t realize that you have to set benchmarks to determine the “quality” of a lead – then you will be running a fool’s errand.”

In the Power of Users Personas he tells us “User personas are detailed composites of your customers that allow you to understand them on a deeper, more meaningful level, and, in turn, design a clearer, more productive and more successful marketing strategy. In short, they allow you to reach your target audience with the most impact.”

He goes on to say that how marketers must focus on creating your user persona “before you focus on creating content, designing your website – or on anything, really.” It makes no sense trying to market to to everybody.

Today marketers have to travel-matchmaker-personasHolidaysdifferentiate and stand out of the crowd.  If you differentiate your product and service you will choose a specific someone and focus on them predominantly. Otherwise he says ” It’s like writing your speech before you know who you are addressing. Or packing a suitcase without knowing your destination.”
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By contract, when you target your business to specific personas you will have confidence and direction. You will be able to innovate and be different and create messaging strategies that are competent and target to your idea guest.

Diego Rodgreguize, founder of the power marketing consultants association calls this the strategic marketing process using words that have immense meaning for your specific clients. These he says are the HotButtons that engage and convert like crazy. As Tony puts it:  “You will be able to show your customers why they need your product or service. And you will be able to connect with your audience on a more fundamental, more powerful level than ever before.”

Tony suggest several steps to creating your Personas. They are:

  • 1. Understand the demographics. Adjust your tone,  language and approach to connect with your audience. That will vary substantially based on the demographic you are marketing to. You will need to “let go of your own jargon and vernacular, and adopt that to which your audience speaks and relates.”
  • 2. Create a characher – this will help you understand what really fulfills and motivates them. Because what drives a customer is much more emotional than a price point.
    PersonaHolidays has a system and tools that help hotel and tourism operators home into their own brand and match that up with travelers looking for that experience. The engine that powers the this is the Travel Matchmaker which you can see at
  • 3 Find what your customers’ problems are to understanding how your product fits into their lives and personality. A Caribbean villa resort, for example, found that what its guests really loves was space and privacy in a setting that was safe and comfortable and not cut off. The character was the independent travelers someone who is a bit of a Maverick and likes to go against the trend. Holiday without crowds became a HotButton that described a big part of their appeal.
  • 4. Establish their “spheres of influence”. In helps to know how the keep up-to-date with what going on or even if they dont care. Some watch TV, scroll through a mobile newsfeed? Some use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Do they prefer CNN, The New York Times, Huffington Post or The Wall Street Journal?Its not easy to get that kind of detail from travelers who are looking for holiday experience, but it is the sort of info you can discover from chatting with them when they say with you. Start to draw up a picture of what sort of people really get what you are doing and all you will have a solid base to market to them on the media they pay attention to.

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