Tourism Crisis Post-COVID-19 Now

Digital Media Was a Huge Change – But What’s Next?

What to Expect in the Tourism Crisis Post-COVID-19. The time to act and plan is now. Get up to speed with digital media and website branding now.

The question now is about survival and the trade is racing in with wise advise on how to cope and what to do.

Online advertising and marketing was a dazzling change and today almost everyone in tourism and hospitality is on the net. But the most challenging times are still to come. In the age of dynamic change with AI and Robotics taking over ever aspect of our lives, we now have COVID-19 and the rug has been pulled out from underneath our feet.

Be Prepared for the Tourism Crisis Post-COVID-19

Hotel Website OptimizationThe book WEBSITE is the first in the series on Marketing Hotels and Tourism Online. (short form: This book will give you a good grounding in how to build your brand and market in the digital age. We are adding new blogs on the changes and trends for all book buyers.

Be sure you understand the basics with the book WEBSITE. Chapter 1 is a very brief illustration of how tourism became digital. Before, we were contending with dramatic change that made life almost impossible for hotel and tourism managers. It got better as a whole industry of technical types came to the rescue. Still, mangers needed a guide to understand and direct the help.

That was how WEBSITE started. It’s the right place to start. Today, hotels and tourism professionals understand that a website is the cornerstone of their brand strategy. The book WEBSITE is essential reading as it describes the basic principles which underpin all marketing today. Of course, it is just a start.

We are constantly writing about trends and strategies that build on the concepts.


 See more at WEBSITE Chapter 1

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Book Buyers’ Bonus – Keep Informed

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An example of the kind of material you have access to is the update on Design Thinking. See the intro on TravelWatchNews

We share our own insights, as well as insights and research from noted authors and tourism masters. These may be whimsical and fun ideas, like how to entertain yourself to keep healthy and sane during the curfew.

We have recently shared excellent tips and guides from SiteMinder and others who provide insight into what to expect next with the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery.

We scour all sources for relevant information on trends and strategies for hotels and tourism.


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