Travel Planning and Booking Trends 2016

PSFK Labs details 10 trends that can help shape the future of travel planning and booking supported by commentary from industry experts.

Source: Future of Travel 2016: Travel Planning and Booking Trends

PSFK’s Founder and Editor-In-Chief, Piers Fawkes tells us that: “Travelers today are looking for an intuitive, rapid and personalized experience.” They understand the trail of contextual data that surrounds them and they expect the smartest travel brands to leverage those data to serve them appropriately.”

Travel companies have to build intelligence systems that understand behavior and anticipate needs offering recommendations that will entice conversion. At AXSES all cast Marketing we are working hard on embedding behavior responsive systems, matchmaking and other personalization techniques into our visual marketing technology. Expect a major announcement on leading technology soon.

Disruptive Trends for 2016- TravelMarket Report

At the same times as this PSFK report comes out, the TravelMarket Report shares thoughts on the disruptive travel marketing trends at aplay right now and extending into the new year.”Even at a time when hotel occupancy rates are soaring in many domestic markets, disruptive forces like the sharing economy, the emerging millennial market, and changing tastes in food and beverage are forcing hospitality industry leaders to rethink the way they do business.”

See for details on the five big trends that kept coming up on the trade-show floor.

1. Sharing economy strengthens2.
3. Legacy hotel brands need to re-create themselves
4. Disruption has come to food and beverage, too
5. Disruption’s next stop: meetings

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