Travelleisure Features DigitalMedia For Hotels Tourism

Ian R. Claytons book on DigitalMedia for hotels tourism is in the news and featured in Trade magazines like Travel & Leisure and Travel Weekly along with dozens of other top media outlets. The Press Release is picked up by 400 news sites including by Marketers Media, Wall Street Select, Silicon Valley and many others.

Hotel DigitalMedia Marketing  includes tips and case studies on  building an online network and sales funnel that delivers results. It shows how to avoid many of the most common mistakes in content marketing that can stop interest dead in its tracks.  Vital information on the new Rank Brain and other issues that are essential  to understand  in the digital world.


Here is the Press Release for Travel & Leisure Magazine

See Travel and Leasure



digitalmedia for hotels tourism by travelleasure

As the Travel & Leisure Press Release says “Digital Media cuts through the hype with real examples and case studies backed up by 20 years of experience and wisdom. Readers will likely find a particular interest in the fact that Ian R. Clayton is an independent consultant giving straightforward unbiased advice. ”

Clayton has a background in Computer Science, graduating with honours studying at McGill and Concordia University in Montreal Canada. Ian has spent years helping clients and colleagues understand the complexities of the new digital landscape.

His passion to help has led him to be a prolific blogger, creating his own bogging and video platform and magazines, while writing educational and how-to books for business owners, managers, marketers and professionals.


More about the book – click here >>


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