TripAdvisor Pushes for In-App Assisted Hotel Bookings

TripAdvisor Pushes for In-App Hotel Bookings But Faces Resistance – Skift.

How interesting it is that time changes so much “For Expedia, which spun out TripAdvisor in late 2011, the issue comes down to transparency in that Expedia wouldn’t want travelers to be confused into thinking that TripAdvisor is actually doing the transaction.”

That made sense a few years ago but to day Expedia is “open to be a partner in TripAdvisor’s assisted bookings: so says Expedia’s CFO Mark Okerstrom.

Today now sites like Kayak and other Meta data aggregaters already offer assisted bookings where the traveler completes the reservation on their sites or apps. In all cases an OTA booking engine “White Label” is is actually providing the transaction service.

But TripAdvisor is making a big play on the idea tha it is a Hotel and Supplier friendly service – send direct bookings to its hotel partners.

How will it be different now to all other OTAS if it closes the booking on its site?

Seems to me they may be shooting themselves in the foot.

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