Twitter Struggles with Sagging Growth

Is Twitters new Video Autoplay Feature Enought to Keep it Alive- Media Post

Recent research by Forrester shows marketers spending less on Tweets as Twitter struggles with sagging growth. They believe Facebook and other other social media offer better returns As Elliot said. “It seems to have lost touch with marketers.”

Twiiter has now added several new features including its own video service; now we can upload videos direct to Twitter and get superior tracking and ad performance. In its study it found that “Users were 250% more likely to prefer auto-play videos over other viewing methods, including click-to-play, and 14% more likely to recall the videos they saw.” The company also says it will be working with top verification vendors like Nielsen and Moat to give advertisers confidence in their platform.

In tests, Twitter says the auto-play video feature has been well received among users and advertisers. Participating brands saw a 700% increase in completions of Promoted Videos. Now all that is included in the latest tweet options. But analysts say the changes are not enough and conclude that Twitter needs “more fundamental changes in order to survive.”

I still love twitter and my view has not changed since o wrote about #TwiterStayingAlive. Look its the only social site being indexed by Google, that alone is enough to keep it alive!

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