#TwitterStayingAlive – It’s Not Dead and This is Why – Ian R Clayton

I have been reading about the death of Twitter lately and, like Mark Twain might have said; “the roomers about its death are greatly exaggerated”.

Twitter may well be in a transition and yes, its lost some of its relevance in the micro-blogging world which is now adopted by pretty well all the bookmark and social sites. Even Press Releases are asking us for a bite sized summary. We need to remember that Twitter started it all.

I curated an article that listed the 5 points why “Twitter is Dying” there is truth in all 5. But it’s still a powerful web entity and I believe that the community will revive. Personally I use twitter daily – i don’t necessary go to the site online but I do look at my emails from twitter. I look for interesting articles and ideas that are helpful. If I like them I know that someone like me will like them and I share those that relate to my market, travel and tourism, right here on this website.

Its an valuable source of content and much of it is original ideas and sharing. Many of the post you will see in this site were discovered on twitter, and with over a thousand views now each month I think that it is resonating and clearly you are reading this because it has some significance to you. So, I for one, am for #TwitterStayingAlive.

I have to admit that I have not got this tweeting thing fully automated. Automation is great and we cant do without it. BUT, the tools I have tried for Twitter just don’t turn me on. In fact they really turn me Off. So all of my re-tweeting, replies and comments are manual, and for that reason I ma not a very prolific users. Every few days I look at my email and I re-tweet good content manually. I select what to post manually and always have a very personal point of view!

Ok – I know I am a bit old fashioned. I do use Bufferapp to schedule post from this site and it works ok. I do need to upgrade to Buffer pro status and it will work better – I am looking into other options.

Anyway – this is just quick thoughts, must not get carried away.
Love to hear what you think about #TwitterStayingAlive and what tools and automation works etc.

For the record here are 3 things I Like About TWITTER:

1. Great source of relevant content from people you admire
2. Powerful links to site you tweet about (SEO)
3. It forces us to be concise and cuts through too much rambling and noise on the net

AND – It is just the beginning of a fully integrated autonomous intelligent network. Will write about this later!

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  1. Jeff Bullas writes these points for Twitter.. Twitter facts and statistics

    Below are some surprising facts and statistics that show Twitter is on the path to successfully reinventing itself.

    1. There was a 24% increase in monthly active users (MAU) over the last 4 quarters with the total now at 271 million.

    2. Twitter has added 53 million users in the last 12 months

    3. Twitter’s monthly mobile users now total 211 million, which is a gain of 29%

    4. 81% of Twitter’s advertising revenue came from mobile ads

    5. Increase in sales is up 124% from a year ago at $312 million compared to $139.3 million in second quarter of 2013

    6. Twitter expects to have revenue of between $330 and $340 million in the third quarter of 2014

    7. Twitter is growing the fastest in Asia Pacific with expectations it will increase its user base by more than 33% in 2014 according to eMarketer

    Read more at AND there are More… see http://www.jeffbullas.com/2014/08/06/20-twitter-facts-and-statistics-you-need-to-know-in-2014/#zQcrfKI51kVhtg60.99

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