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Understanding Big Data Source: — SnapShot – Hotel Analytics

Tourism suppliers have access to loads of data from Google Analytics that show travelers behavior and source of visit to your website to Facebook analytics of your posts.  But how you use that information is open to all sorts of interpretations, options and misunderstanding.
This infographics by SnapShot helps put data into perspective.

As SnapShot say, At its core, “big data is a large set of data that, through analysis, can reveal trends. When we say large, we mean large.
Thousands or millions of data points are common, so this information will almost always come from sources external to your hotel.

Good examples of big data are weather, traffic, or social media data.
These are giant pools of information that you can sort and filter to find the information relevant to your goals.”

The image here is just a sample of the complete PDF.

It covers these 4 topics in Understanding Data and more on Understanding Analytics.

– See more at: http://blog.snapshot.travel/the-hotel-data-cheat-sheet



In a Previous blog we looked at how big data is shaping up as a predictor of the future. “The next step for Big Data and machine learning, to move beyond collection and aggregation of data from multiple sources to insight and analysis of what the future holds.”  See related link How big data can help predict the future


and how hotels can use big data to get more direct bookings


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