Understanding Travel Exit- BookingCounts

Travel Exit Page Remarketing with Google Analytics for Booking Conversion Optimization – BookingCounts.

An important task of hotel and tourism marketers is to figure out why why travellers are leaving your website and change it. The exit pages are a good place to start. These are the last page a travel shopper views as they close the browser or click of to another website. Its all part of the sales funnel that will lead travel shoppers to your site, engage them, and get them to subscribe or book now. See More On Bookings Conversion>>>

One of the ways to improve your booking conversion rate, is to analyze this sort of users pattern and discover why people leave your site from the top exit pages. What can you do to capture leads before they browse to your competition? This article discuses what what you can do to mitigate people leaving and keep them on your site. Its all part of the sales funnel which we are studding and will probably write a book about. Its also covered a bit in our TourismMarketingMachines.com free tutorials.

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