Viral Content Marketing Tactics to Get More Bookings

Jeff Bullas on Viral Content Marketing Tactic

I just launched a Press Release on a article here at MHAT about what is happening with #GoogleTravel.

See the Press Release on Here >>>>>> .

See the #GoogleTravel Article Here >>>>

Based on the feedback and question we are thinking of doing a series of articles on what hoteliers and tourism marketers can do to get back on search and find other ways to generate more qualified leads and direct bookings. But before I started I came across this article by Jeff Bullas who I follow ardently. I like Jeffs work as he does serious research and is on the ball.

This article is about content marketing. More specifically how to write content that can go viral. He is basing his arguments on his own personal experience of writing a catchy blog that simple took off. Read it to share his experience and what he learned.

Its very timely, to me, as I put together my thoughts, material and some real life case studies of what has worked for our clients who fell of the map with what we call #GoogleTravel (GT). GT is that major search engines deep dive into tourism. In the process it has drop many small hotels off of search results in favour of the its big OTA advertiser, high authority sites and their own collateral. Well small can still count and we will show how. But first check out Jeffs work and start applying it to your blogs and articles. Its a good place to start.

Check back in a week or so – we will add a link to the new material here soon.

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