Visual Merchandising Boost Travel Bookings

What Travel Shoppers Want – Hilton.pdf

From online Video to rich graphics – Travellers are responding to visual cues with more interaction and bookings.  The report here by Hilton goes into depth of how travelers are consuming rich media. It show that 63% of those who are thinking about taking a trip will view videos to get ideas. 64% view video to get ideas on activities and 57% when deciding on accommodations, transport etc.

The report notes that a study by “Adobe found that shoppers need to feel like they are getting an ‘in-store’ experience when they’re ‘browsing’ online…High quality, large images, with zoom, spin, and color options emulate the ‘touch and feel’ experience of shopping in-store” And these same trends are now moving to travel and particularly to hotels. Online travel shoppers are looking for rich and descriptive information that will support their travel purchases – distinguishing one option from another.

ForresterResearch shows that “content-sensitive travelers” are some of the most profitable customers  spending more for a hotel experience and booking more! See the full report – Click here >>>

New Visual Travel Bookings Technology in Action

The new Visual Travel Bookings Technology developed by the Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia and on display at is setting the bar pretty high with its instant graphical matrix built into the booking experience.

Get Visual

The company behind this is also planning to make its visual travel Bookings technology available and help other destinations and tourism association get visual. More on the technology is being made available at


See Visual Travel Bookings Technology on Youtube | See Previous Video on What Travellers Enjoy


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