VisualBookingsTechnology Transforms BookingEngine to Travel Planning Sales Funnels – YouTube

VisualBookingsTechnology & Tourism Marketing- Transforms BookingEngine to Travel Planning Systems – YouTube.

This video is a detailed look at the on and off-site marketing and sales funnel activities for VBT. For more on the VBT planning and reservations see VBT overview.

Visual Travel Planning Software Turns any Booking Site into a Interactive Sales Machine

In this video on Visual Bookings Technology the focus is on marketing, that is, driving more traffic to the VBT site where the travel shoppers are engaged with an interactive and fun travel planning system that helps them find exactly what they are looking for and book.

This one of a kind solution, turns traditional booking sites into sales machines that close more business. The solution can be implemented on top of bookings systems used by chain hotels, tourism destination and hotel association. That means a tourism website does not have to change software or systems and instead adds the new travel planning and sales systems as graphic interface. VBT also can replace existing travel bookings system providing a turnkey solution in the cases where the portal owners wants to make a change to its systems or does not already have a booking engine. In the “all done for you” solution the Visual Travel Planning and Bookings is an integrated product using the arcRes reservations platform.

Mostly we expect that portal owners will already have the reservation component and VBT will implement the travel planning visual interface on top of any existing software.

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