Vizify has been acquired by Yahoo!

Vizify has been acquired by Yahoo!.

In case you missed it – we have been touting the value of the visual web for a while now. It is just that people like images and a picture does say it succinctly if its done right. Vizify is one of those companies that can put anything in pictures even your own tweets if you wan See Selena Larson’s 2013 summary

Wrell Yahoo liked whaht they saw and shares the vision on making the web a more personalized visual experience so they bought them.

Here is what Vizify said about that: “As our conversations progressed, we realized we’d found a partner who shared our passion for user experience, design, and visualizing information. Ultimately, we just couldn’t say no to the opportunity to bring our vision to the hundreds of millions of people who use Yahoo every day.”

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