Vujaday Barbados Music Festival 2019 New Artists

The Global Media Agency,  The Confluence Group announces the final phase line for the Barbados Music Festival and Safari on April 3rd to 7th 2019.

Damian Lazarus: Cosmic inspired mindfulness

Damian Lazarus: Cosmic inspired spirited renditions of house and techno. A conscious mindfulness mixed with soulful Rap and New Age Jazz

What is considered to be one of the Caribbean’s most innovative musical event, Vujaday Barbados Music Festival has just added 7 more award wining Artists to its 2019 rosta.

Phase 2 award wining artist include:
Damian Lazarus, Andhim, Danny Tenaglia, Pony, Gaby Endo, Papa Lu and Roger Silver.

Vujaday Barbados 2019 will take place at different venues all across Barbados, a stunning Caribbean island. The various venues give visitors a new experience each day while they explore the island. The entire festival from staging to marketing and performance is organized by the Confluence Team.

The team includes association with the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc, on island security and stage production teams and Ryan Kruger, co-founder of Vujaday. Kruger is also a veteran of festival promotions. He was Managing Director of  Electronic Nation, the electronic dance division of Live Nation. In Addition, he is credited as the creator of the leading  rave company in Canada.

As the lead media company, Confuence, coordinates all media from  launch to digital publicity services: They deliver world class photography and videography using both online and offline strategies.

Vujaday Sampling of New Artists for Phase2

Here is a brief video of the latest artist to join this exciting Island Safari Musical Festival.

Playlist by Lifestyles of the Artisan:  Vujaday 2019 2018LifestylesOfTheArtisan  channel

About lifestyles of the Artisan

Lifestyles of the artisan is a personal project and special interest of Ian R. Clayton. It is a video journal of ordinary and extraordinary people, artist, crafts-persons, farmers, fishers and every day people. They are the artisans that entertain us, feed us and help us in our daily life.  Styled after “lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” it brings a different prescriptive to life, style and meaning!


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