3 reasons your website design needs a better marketing strategy

Sean Smith articles is great but it is reverse engineered or back-to-front according to the latest insights by the Power Marketing Strategies. Smith puts design first as described by his title ” Why your marketing needs a better design focus“, however Power Marketing says that this is one of the biggest problem with today marketing. Most marketing fails by focusing on design before building a message strategy.

Website design needs a better marketing focus

Design should be a part of your messaging strategy and you cannot put it first. It should be an integral part of your strategic messaging. Simply put “When you think of marketing, you need to start thinking about your message. You need to think about what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it. When you think of marketing—don’t think of mediums anymore—think of messaging. Only once you have the right message should you start considering which mediums to run your marketing in.” Diego Rodriguez, CEO Power Marketing Consultants Association

Putting design first is one of the three biggest mistakes that marketers make. see more at http://powerconsultants.axses.net/2-common-marketing-mistakes/

A marketing system considers first the message. Then it develops the message and installs the message in a comprehensive marketing system which facilitates the prospects decision making process. Finally, it chooses the best mediums to put those messages in to generate leads to pump into the system. Do you see how much more effective that is than typical fragmented marketing?

Now Smith does make the case for good design and gives the reasons why. He says “There are three main reasons I believe you should invest in design for marketing” and these are

– Curb appeal” of your website, app, or product.
– Shoppers will not engage with your product if they aren’t excited by it visually.
– Stategic Design can convert more lookers into bookers

Smith does say that Design and marketing are married, which is great, but his analysis is short on what that means.

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