What The Microsoft LinkedIn Deal Means for Advertisers

What might the merging of the two biggest graphs of professional data mean for advertisers?

Source: The Microsoft LinkedIn Deal: What it means for advertisers


This graph shows the landscape of the merger. Basically linked in which has created a stellar positioning is business social network, suddenly has access to a entire new and huge database of business data. And its data that is currently not shared. For Microsoft it means access to a mobile platform that complements its business network. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Here is what the news item says:

“The LinkedIn acquisition gets Microsoft into social in a strategic way that complements the company’s existing, largely untapped user data. In Q1 2016, LinkedIn reported $154.1 million in ad revenue, a 29 percent year-over-year increase driven primarily by sponsored content. Bing Ads revenue rose 18 percent in the first quarter, which Microsoft attributed in large part to the adoption of Windows 10. And that brings us to the other pivotal piece of this acquisition — the foothold it gives Microsoft and Bing Ads in mobile, where it has been exceptionally weak compared to Google. LinkedIn’s mobile activity opens up doors for Microsoft that efforts like the Windows Phone and its search advertising partnership with Yahoo failed to provide.” And now “the LinkedIn acquisition would seem to pave a clearer pathway for clearer messaging and data integration.”

With this acquisition Microsoft is the defacto leader in “data on the professional world”  – It has significant to advertisers:

What The Microsoft LinkedIn Deal Means for Advertisers

1. More refined targeting, particularly for B2B advertisers;
2. More reach with the addition of the LinkedIn universe of 433 million users; and
3. More commercial opportunities via Cortana, Micorosoft’s digital assistant, as it is positioned as “the professional’s” digital assistant.

As a hint of what’s to come, Microsoft outlined a vision for an Intelligent Newsfeed as a “new daily habit” in the acquisition deck.

For the complete analysis see http://marketingland.com/microsoft-linkedin-advertisers-180575

I wonder what will be the impact on other businesses in the LI network, namely Slideshare, The Pulse and the Instant Cusomer Network which Pulse Engage took over from Mike Koenigs a while ago.

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