The Why of Digital Media

The Why of Digital Media explains the who, why, what and how of both the book and the media. The book explains what you need to know about marketing online today!

The short video below highlights the motivation for the book and reason I decided to give it away as a New Year’s gift in early 2021 (On Amazon for Free to January 8). The Why, Who, What and How of the book clarifies why it was written, who it was written for, what in covers and how value is delivered. It is an important book for tourism and business owners, managers, marketers and professionals in any industry.

Social Distancing & Lockdown – Boost Digital Commerce

Mark Skroch says on Phocuswrire: “The COVID-19-related social stats are staggering: a 10% jump since the start of 2020, over half the world is now active on social media.”

By all accounts, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a massive move to digital. Consumers, governments and businesses have taken to the Internet for entertainment, meetings, social connection and to conduct business. Over 50% of the world is now online and the rate of growth in doing things digitally has increased significantly. Online retail in China is expected to account for 27% of total retail sales. In the UK, it’s 19.9% and the US is 16.2%. In just 3 years, retail eCommerce will exceed $7 trillion annually or one-quarter of all global retail by 2024. If this growth trajectory continues, on average, in low double digits, this could reach up to $10 trillion in sales by 2027. Source: Econsultancy

In the new digital market, the book Digital Media is very timely and will help business owners and professions to understand the new digital agenda and learn how to use the media to build their Brand and their business.

Video of The Why of Digital Media

This video summarized the “Why” of the book. It clarifies: Why it is needed, Who it is for, What it does and How it does it.

The book explains why Digital is the new Norm of marketing in any industry. It shows how social media and digital ads are now outpacing all other forms of advertising.


1. The WHY of Digital Media: There is a need for an easy, practical guide for newbie and intermediate people who want an easy way to make sense of digital media.

It also demonstrates WHY Digital Media matters and WHY you need it. At the time of writing the book, Digital Advertising had overtaken all other advertising media. According to SeekingAlpha, digital advertising is now estimated to make up about 2/3 of the total advertising spend. Digital Advertising is estimated to grown at 7.7% per year (Compound) between 2021-2026. It will total $626B by 2026.

Digital is NOW the new Normal

2. WHO is it for: Business owners, managers, marketers, consultant and professionals. The book uses examples and illustrations from the hospitality industry and is relative to any industry.

3. WHAT: Shows what has to be done and what options, tools, help and solutions are available.

4. HOW: The book series shares resources of technology, tactics and strategies that work. It provides illustrated examples with real results. It includes proprietary and proven tactics by leading business. Digital Media explains technology in an uncomplicated, casual style without jargon.

A Book for Any Business

The book is part of the series in Marketing Hotels and Tourism Online. While the examples are based on the hospitality business, the fundamentals apply to any business.

Book Reviews


Who, Why, What and How of Digital Media

Who, Why, What and How of Digital Media

As one customer wrote of the first book in the series:

“Most business books of this type share a few nuggets of general information that can be easily found with an internet search. However,
this book is much more useful than most of its type. It’s like hiring a private business consultant. The author shares experience and offers tips that he’s used in his own business.”

Constructive criticism is always welcome. I like what Marion said in reviewing Digital Media”.

“The writing style is not very good but it offers some interesting ideas about how to do hotel online marketing. It is not a professional guide or manual.”

Thank you, Mario. I appreciate your honest review.
I wrote the series in a practical and direct informal style. It’s not a textbook and will not win distinctions in the academic community. I have several listing in academia and know that language well.


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