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ehotelier – Why having a good PR strategy is essential in the hotel industry.

Why Hotels need a PR Campaign

Why Hotels need a PR Campaign

In this article Jo Scard advises that it is essential to plan your PR campaigns based on 12 month calendars. Announcements, news releases, and events must be spaced so it is continuous and new. “Media engagement needs to be a year-long cycle for two reasons – firstly it builds up your presence within the media as a trusted source of information, and secondly it enhances your visibility with potential customers.”

She also points out that six months is all you need to be forgotten, so be consistent and always present.

The article is worth reading. It is a short on details and a bit limited in terms of the activities we take in order to create a full campaign. So let me add how we go about a full scale promotion: First you need to have your own announcement network of social sites, video site, blog sites, web2.0 and bookmarks. Then build out your collateral- of videos, rich content and Press announcement. Make sure they all get posted to your sites.

I’ll share with you some tutorials that will help you put together your campaign. Below is our video on marketing in the digital age- Under that are a collection of useful resources.

Next is How to build and deploy your own Publishing Could – These tow video are all part of our free tutorials at http://tourismmarketingmachines.com

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