Why Booking.com Is the Worlds Most Persuasive Marketer I Econsultancy

Booking.com: the most persuasive selling page in the world? | Econsultancy.

It may not be the biggest OTA but it is the fastest growing and it is a game changer – Here are some of the reasons why is selling pages work. Mind you Booking.com was the firdt MAJOR player in the OTA space to break the mold of the merchant model and revert back to the Agent model. With is success and a clear traveller preference for the Agent Model.

Even Expedia had to offer the same deal. Before then OTAs were negotiating nett rates or costs and reselling hotel at their own markup. THe collect the total holiday payment upfront and paid the hotel when the guest stayed with them. Booking.com started out by just collecting 10% after the guest checked out of the hotel. Everyone seemed to like that and it changed the way that major OTAs operated.

This articles shows how it outperforms its competition in page and sales funnel design.

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