Why hotels should fight back against online mirror marketing

Unfortunately many travel shoppers do not know that they are not linking to the the hotel’s own website to book from these mirror listing on Google.

Not only do OTAs List higher that Brand sites they mirror in many cases the brands who do not advertise will likely be way down on the page or not listed on the first page at all.
Even Google is crowding the space with its own information and booking options and that is not about to change.


In this article, Adrienne Hanna, founder and CEO of Right Revenue,  warns that with all the big players mirroring marketing and filling the page with their representation of hotel brands, the brand is often pushed out of search results and maybe ‘Under the fold’, if you are lucky”.  She adds “unless you are paying for the privilege, even on your own wonderful name, you seriously risk not appearing on the first page at all.”

This means are loosing direct business and loosing the opportunity to build brand integrity. As she says “Make no mistake, this is something that we can all challenge with the OTAs.”

Adrienne advice is “Read the small print and challenge those clauses in the contract. Maybe it is time we all stepped up and were brave enough to be counted.”

Source: Why hotels should fight back against online mirror marketing

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